"an organization through which its members do things for themselves, together."

CVAG is the regional planning agency coordinating government services in the Coachella Valley. By providing solutions to the common issues of the local governments and tribes that are its members, CVAG promotes a better quality of life and balanced growth for residents of Central and Eastern Riverside County.

CVAG's Departments

Administration Department

  • Executive Director Tom Kirk, Deputy Director and Director of Administrative Services Gary Leong are responsible for the oversight of administrative activities at CVAG.

General Assembly

Executive Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

Human and Community Resources Committee

Public Safety Committee

Homelessness Committee

Energy & Environmental Resources Department

  • The Energy & Environmental Resources Department promotes sustainable use of our natural resources and preserving of our natural heritage for the Coachella Valley.

Coachella Valley Conservation Committee

Energy & Environmental Resources Committee

Solid Waste & Recycling Technical Working Group

Transportation Department

  • The Transportation Department, administers the multi-million dollar regional transportation program for the Coachella Valley.

Transportation Committee

Transportation Technical Advisory Sub-Committee

Technical Planning Sub-Committee