CVAG Document Library

Administration Department

AB 2766 Audit - FY 2011/2010 CVAG Financial Reports
AB 2766 Audit - FY 2009/2008 CVCC Financial Reports
CVAG Annual Salary Schedule CVAG JPA Documents
CVAG By-Laws Policies and Procedures, Conduct of Meetings Document

Community Resources Department

Affordable Housing Directory Coachella Valley Regonial Housing Trust
Model Massage Ordinance Online Landscapers Certification Course (English)
Online Landscaper Certification Course (Spanish) Workforce Housing Report
I-10 Closure Plan PM 10 Redesignation Request
CV Link Health Impact Assessment Workshop Summary Coachella Valley Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Presentation

Energy and Environmental Resources Department

CVAG Water Efficient Landscape ordinance Summary of CVAG Water Efficient Landscape ordinance
Comparison Matrix Easy Ways to Recycle Used Oil
Drive Green. Use Re-refined Oil  

Transportation Department

2010 TPPS Executive Summary 2010 RACE Executive Summary
Complete 2010 TPPS Complete 2010 RACE
Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (2010) Emergency I-10 Closure Plan (2008) 
Pavement Management Analysis (2011) Current TUMF Handbook
2004 Origin and Destination Study CVAG Boundary Map
I-10 Freeway Interchanges Proportionate Cost Report (2012) CVAG Boundary Legal Description
Report Appendices TUMF Boundary Legal Description
CV Rail Study Update Plan (2010) 2015 Traffic Counts Report
TUMF Annual Report for FY 2015-2016 Policies and Procedures Manual
Letter to CVB detailing costs of NEVs on CV Link CV Link Draft Master Plan August 2014
CV Link Draft Master Plan Appendices August 2014 Highway 111 Signal Signs Locations List
TUMF Nexus Report 2005 TPPS Annual Report 2010
CV Link Master Plan Volume I 2015 CV Link Master Plan Volume II 2015
CV Link Master Plan Volume III 2015 Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Plan 2015
Regional Transportation Program Implementation Agreement First Amendment to Transportation Implementation Agreement
2007 CVAG TUMF Resolution TUMF Annual Report FY 2016-17